Hiton Manual Through Conduit Knife Gate Valve

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The HCPZ-series Manual Through Conduit Knife Gate Valve is a bi-directional wafer knife gate valve. It is mainly designed for highly concentrated flow media. With a through going O-port plate, this valve provides a stable and safe shut-off performance without clogging. With double-seat design, it can handle flow in both directions.

  • a) Full port design minimizes pressure drop and maximizes flow capacity. b) Packing at both top and bottom eliminates leakage to surrounding.

  • a) Though gate with o-port cut through a disc of media down when closing and return this portion back when opening. This prevent media from clogging in the valve body cavity. b) Gate thickness can be increased to handle higher working pressure.

  • a) Side-entry seat is replaceable, reducing the cost of maintenance. b) Seat retainer covers the side of seat and prevents seat from direct flow flushing.

  • a) Double thrust bearing minimizes the operating torque.

Manual Through Conduit Knife Gate Valve Specifications:

  • Maximum Temperature (C)

  • Minimum Temperature (C)

  • DN from

  • DN to

  • Pressure Nominal from (bar)

  • Pressure Nominal to (bar)

  • NPS from

  • NPS to