VR Series Voltage Stabilisers & Power Line Conditioners VR-500F

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By boosting low voltages and stepping down high voltages, VR Series Voltage Stabilisers and Power Line Conditioners ensure a stable output voltage. In addition, they safeguard against all too common everyday transient voltages and spikes - typically introduced into the mains supply by nearby disturbances resulting from peak power demands or stop/start operation of electrical machinery.

Capable of supporting all electrical and electronic modern office and general household appliances (including air conditioners, computers, fridges, TV, satellite and any other electrical loads), models are available for situations where the incoming mains utility supply is between 140V to 270V (F Models) or, for more challenging power environments, 80V to 270V (G Models).

  • Automatic Voltage Regulation

  • Spike & Surge Protection

  • Electrical Noise Filter

  • Basic Lightning Surge Protection

  • Restart Time Delay