Industrial Cooling Tower

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Liang Chi proudly offers our industrial grade, site erected counter flow towers design that provide maximum cooling performance and can be supplied in a variety of structural and equipment to meet your specific cooling needs, we offers the most effective and efficient cooling solutions, Every equipment offers are made with high-quality field tested components and he counter flow design within a perfect in a variety of industrial application for power plants, petrochemical industry to large HVAC application.

All equipment are customer by individual customers specification and engineered to provide long and reliable service even in the most demanding condition. We access to the widest range of brand products, with supply, install, and maintain hardware from manufacturers. For example Howden Fan, Hudson Fan, Cofimco Fan, ADDAX Drive shaft, Amarillo Gear, Murphy Vibration Switch, Hansen Gear, Motor ABB, Motor Brook, Motor Siemens, Motor TECO and more.lo Gear, Murphy Vibration Switch, Hansen Gear, Motor ABB, Motor Brook, Motor Siemens, Motor TECO and more.

  • TLC in corporates new design of vacuum-forned rigid PVC filling with increased heat transfer area and heat rejection efficiency.

  • High efficient hydrodynamics “Venturi tube” fan stack with low resistance filling facillitates good ventilation and reduction of fan motor power to save electrical energy.

  • Drift eliminator design pattern is embedded in the rigid PVC filling to economize the space for maintenance inside cooling tower plenum.

  • Major components of TLC such as casing, fan stack, basin, access door and inlet louver are made from anti-corrosice FRP material, and all steel parts are hot-dip gaivanized to increase durability and lower maintenance cost.

  • TLC minimize the need for complex complicated steel structures while maximizing the use of light-weight, strong construction FRP components

TLC 900 Specifications:

  • Width (m)

  • Height (m)

  • length (m)

  • Weight (lbs)

  • Max. Motor Power (hp)

  • Max flow (m3/h)

  • Series