Induced Draft Cooling Tower Heavy Duty Cross Flow Type

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In Order to meet today's demand for environmental control, Industry has shown a growing interest in water reclamation. This is particularly so in the petroleum, petro-chemical and steel mills when the tremendous amount of water is consumptively utilized in the system.

Liang Chi has started research and development of equipment inthis filed since 1972. Working in close cooperation with foreign leading manufacturers, Liang Chi developed a standardized range of mpdel LHC cooling tower, It is mechanically suited for industrial process system.

As the resuit of extensive experience gained in actual use over many years, Liang Chi cooling tower model LHC is recognized as products meeting the ultimately requirement of today's technology.

  • Provide with more wetted surface for uniform water distribution and higher heat transfer efficiency

  • Construct With Durable materials for cooling tower like preservative treated wood, fiberglass reinforced polyester and asbestos cement boards

  • Optimize with special axial fans, speed reducer and drift eliminator etc

  • Design with large fans at low speed operation to minimize noise pollution

  • P.V.C. plastic mesh to prevent objects entering the water basin.

376D-C1 Specifications:

  • Width (m)

  • Height (m)

  • length (m)

  • Weight (lbs)

  • Series

  • Water flow (m^3/hr)