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Planetary gear unit PLANUREX 3

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Premium has many facets in the world of drives. These result from the expectations that customers place on a product and from how they are fulfilled. With our PLANUREX 3 gearboxes we redefine these expectations. PLANUREX 3 stands for a new generation of extremely power-tight, multi-purpose premium planetary gearheads. PLANUREX 3 offers a complete, fully standardized planetary gear unit portfolio for horizontal installation in L and XL dimensions, combined with short delivery times worldwide, an excellent price/performance ratio and very high modularity. The concept strikes the optimum balance between power density, availability and costs.
  • Highest power density: compact, lightweight, powerful

  • High efficiencies and maximum efficiency

  • Highest quality and reliability

  • High overload capacity: Nominal torque x 2

  • Very high modularity

Planetary gear unit PLANUREX 3 Specifications:

  • Maximum Torque (Nm)

  • Minimum Torque (Nm)

  • Sizes

  • Maximum Transmission Ratio

  • Minimum Transmission Ratio