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Grid transformers are used in similar situations to autotransformers but are used where the neutral point of both HV and LV system are required to be kept separately. They are physically larger than a correspondingly rated autotransformer as the windings are fully rated.

  • constant quality because of modular design

  • large reduction of engineering time for standardised transformer designs

  • reduced engineering lead time for even the most complicated transformers

  • The windings are clamped independently from the core, so no stresses are transferred to the core steel material, resulting in improved core losses in service.

  • The coil clamping pressure is maintained by the steel tie-rods connecting the upper and lower steel clamping plates, meaning the winding pressure is maintained for the life of the transformer.


  • Max. Available Power (kVA)

  • Max. High Voltage (V)

  • Min. Available Power (kVA)