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The current transformers are of toroidal-core transformer design and are mounted on the single-pole, externally earthed bushings in the area of the cable outgoing feeder. The switchgear-specific conductor of the bushings forms the primary conductor: The toroidal-core current transformers are designed as free of cast resin parts subject to dielectric stress.

  • Outer cone-type attached onto the extended cone-type couplers as three-phase toroidal-core current transformer

  • Toroidal-core current transformers for billing metering

  • up to 24 kV and max. 1250 A ID 81 mm, OD 81 mm, stacking height max. 140 mm.

  • up to 36 kV and max.1250 A ID 81 mm, OD 188 mm, stacking height max. 250 mm.

  • attached onto the 2 outer cone-type couplers / conductors

Current Transformers Specifications:

  • Max. High Voltage (V)

  • Max. Rated Frequency (Hz)

  • Min. Rated Frequency (Hz)

  • Rated short-time power frequency withstand voltage (kV)

  • Max. Primary rated current (A)

  • Min. Primary rated current (A)

  • Secondary rated current (A)

  • Max. Number of cores

  • Standards

    IEC 61869-2