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Grasso V 1800
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With the GEA Grasso V reciprocating compressor series, GEA heralds the start of a completely new era for the industrial refrigeration market. During the development of the GEA Grasso V series, GEA continually puts itself in the position of the end user. Every component was assessed for the most important elements that contribute to a low Total Cost of Ownership like energy, maintenance and reliability with minimum downtime. The result is not only the most efficient reciprocating compressor on the market, but also a compressor with electronically controlled service intervals (extended as well as flexible) in order to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership without jeopardizing reliability. This GEA Grasso V exists of a complete single stage and two stage series in a swept volume range from 217 up to 1,592 m³⁄????.
  • Unique steel welded compressor housing

  • No water cooling required

  • Extended and flexible maintenance intervals

  • Maintenance monitor for indication of upcoming service intervals

  • Cooling cap. (kW) NH₃ : 1372

GEA Grasso V 1800 reciprocating compressor Specifications:

  • Length (in)

  • Capacity FAD (cfm)

  • Weight (lbs)

  • Width (in)
  • Height (in)
  • Width (in)

  • Height (in)

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