Dingnuo Equipment Straight/Spiral Vane Aluminum Solid Centralizer SRC-03-SVA size: 6" × 8-1/2"

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Solid rigid centralizers are one series of casing centralizers, which are integral part of cementing processing. They are built out of solid steel bar or cast iron with a fixed blade height and are sized to fit a specific casing or hole size. It is available in steel or aluminum materials with spiral or straight blade body construction in standard and customized sizes to match different casing sizes and wellbore conditions. Roller centralizers are also available for customers' requirements. Solid rigid centralizers are available in deviated or horizontal wells. But it is rarely selected in the vertical wells because of the smaller diameter than the wellbore.

  • Made of high tensile, solid, cast aluminum for shock, impact and corrosion resistance.

  • Used in areas where a good primary cementing job is required, including deviated and horizontal wells, liner overlaps and shoe joints.

  • Suitable for either cased or open hole.

  • Spiral vanes fully overlap to give 100% wellbore coverage and increase annular turbulence to improve wellbore cleanout.

  • Vane ends are beveled 30 degree relative to the casing centerline to provide excellent lead into restrictions and reduced drag when running in the wellbore.

SRC-03-SVA size: 6" × 8-1/2" Specifications:

  • Max size (in)

  • Min size (in)

  • Max. inner diameter (mm)

  • Min. inner diameter (mm)

  • Max. diameter (mm)

  • Min. diameter (mm)

  • Size

    6" × 8-1/2"
  • max height (mm)

  • height (mm)

  • Outer diameter (mm)

  • Inner diameter (mm)
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