Puyang Zhongshi Group Aluminum Spiral Vane Solid Rigid Centralizer

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Puyang Zhongshi Group Co., Ltd.

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Aluminum Spiral Solid Casing Centralizers were developed in response to the need for better cementing in deviated and horizontal wells. The unique design ensures optimal flow area and is strong and resistant to impact, These Casing Centralizers are also able to withstand high well bore temperature while providing maximum horizontal standoff

  • Solid vane straight blade centralizers are designed to providea fixed casing standoff, regardless of lateral load.

  • This positive standoff helps ensure even distribution of cement around the well casing

  • The spiral centralizer with a 360° overlapping solid vane to provide maximum wellbore contact and maximum wellbore fluid swirl.

  • This centralizer is recommended to be used on shoe joints, through production zones, liner overlaps

  • The recommended spacing through productive zones is every 20 ft, using the left- and right-hand spiral design in every other sequence.

Solid Rigid Centralizer Specifications:

  • Max size (in)

  • Min size (in)