Puyang Zhongshi Group Composite Centralizer

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Puyang Zhongshi Group Co., Ltd.

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Casing Composite centralizer is used during running and cementing operations to centralizer casing. Made of advanced composite, the one-piece centralizer has a low co-efficient of friction, it is heat resistant and highly durable which greatly enhances cementing operations. The capability of the Casing roller Centralizer is better than others of all.Casing Roller/Wheeled composite centralizers are mainly used for big high Roller, high deviated wells and horizontal wells, to centre casings.

  • Spiral Vane Roller Composite Casing Centralizer consists of rigid body, on which machined spiral blades.

  • There are made of advanced composite that has low coefficiency of friction, it is heat resistant and high durable, fully heat treated rollers fixed on each spiral blades.

  • Because of rigid body and rolling friction between the rollers and inside of well or casing.

  • Precision-machined inside diameter fits over the casing through the complete API tolerance range, providing excellent rotational performance in mud.

  • When running casing through open hole, the system’s smaller roller-contact area reduces the risk of differential sticking and maintains standoff

Composite Centralizer Specifications:

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