TRAGGER Waste Collection Vehicle LC-S700

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TRAGGER continues manufacturing 100% Electrical New Generation Service Vehicles for this objective and the low-emission, 100% electrical, domestic and national LC-S700 Waste Collection Vehicle is ready to go for a greener world and cleaner environment!Thanks to the Li-Ion 400 Ah battery found in high segment new generation electrical vehicles, TRAGGER LC-S700 Waste Collection Vehicle can ceaselessly serve throughout the day, and offers both silent and easy operation while achieving a great deal with high maneuvering capability even in narrow spaces. The vehicle’s compact cabinet with a wide viewing angle offers the driver a perfect ergonomics, where everything is under the driver’s hands.With 2.5 m³ waste loading capacity, 240 L/400 L garbage container mechanism, strong chassis and the aluminum superstructure, TRAGGER LC-S700 Waste Collection Vehicle offers superior features and a higher work performance thanks to the practical container lifting mechanism.

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