Gaumer Gas Scrubber

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Gaumer Process

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Gaumer Process provides standard fuel gas scrubber(in accordance with Gaumer standard specifications) and custom engineered (in accordance with customer specifications), utilizing mesh pad or vane pack or cyclone. Fuel Gas Scrubber or Knock-out (KO) drum or mist eliminators are used to remove the entrained liquid droplets and slugs from the vapor stream. It assists in removing free liquids present with incoming gas and helps prevent the overloading of downstream final filter elements. Bigger droplets are primarily collected by means of inertial impaction whereby the target is directly in the path of streamline.

  • PLC control system (optional)

  • Vertical or horizontal design

  • Skid mounted, trailer mounted or standalone

  • Complete process and mechanical guarantees

  • Quick availability based on pre-engineered design or custom engineered per equipment specifications