Forbes Fluidised Bed Scrubber

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In a fluidised bed scrubber the typical single bed of a packed tower structure is replaced by two or more shallow beds, and the high surface area angular packings are replaced by hollow ellipsoids that are fluidised by the gas stream. This is relatively fast moving when compared to the velocity of the gas flow through a packed tower. The residence time of the gas in the tower is thus rather less than in a packed tower but this tends to be compensated by the higher mass transfer induced by the gas turbulence in the fluidised packings. Fluidised bed scrubbers are not normally used for odour control because of the short residence time of the gas flow within the tower.

  • Compact gas scrubbing system

  • Contains two or more shallow beds

  • Compact unit size with narrow diameter

  • Minimal aggregation of particulates

  • Not usually suitable for odour control