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Nozzles and transition pieces are responsible for the combustion process characteristics and can be critical for parts durability and managing pollutant emissions.
The combination of high performance base materials, coatings, the advanced cooling design of components and qualified manufacturing processes contribute to delivering highly reliable parts into service that increase maintenance intervals and reduce associated costs.

Our workshops are equipped to either manufacture the single sub-components or assemble them into the final item. This includes forming processes (bending, laser cutting, roll forming), welding techniques (spot welding, TIG welding), blending and drilling activities. All operations are carried out in a clean, organized and productive environment. Non-destructive tests (i.e. dimensional checks, fluorescent liquid penetrant tests), use dedicated fixtures to properly assemble sub-items and experienced operators and engineers keep the manufacturing process under strict control.

Production consists of traditional diffusion flame configuration and modern Dry Low NOx (DLN) combustion systems and allows for the possibility to retrofit old units already in service. To validate DLN technology prior to its installation into the engine, rig tests are performed to closely monitor all relevant parameters – such as combustion dynamics, metal temperature, pollutant emission levels – in order to predict engine field behavior accurately.

The serialization of parts, provided with quick traceability, allow us to record the life history of the parts and to customize maintenance plans as a function of the equivalent operating hours. This provides an advantage of being able to schedule necessary component replacements before a possible failure occurs.

Furthermore, our warehouse is perfectly equipped to repair combustion components and fully restore parts functionality.
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