Drizgas Vent Gas Scrubber

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Vent gas scrubber comprised of both scrubbing and gas separator sections. The high-pressure liquid is injected at top of the venturi section and flows downward through the venturi throat. As the gas enters the throat section, formed liquid sheets and droplets are sheared and break up into much smaller sizes due to the high relative velocity difference between the gas and liquid. These extremely small droplets create a tremendous amount of surface area for gas absorption and impaction collection of particulate to occur. In addition, the velocity of the liquid spray creates a negative pressure that pulls gas into the Scrubber.

  • Compact, efficient scrubbing of small gas flows from lab hoods, storage tanks, and small industrial pilot plant equipment

  • The Vent Gas Scrubber Systems are economical in their use of water

  • Robust skid design

  • Cost-effective maintenance

  • Requires less installation & speed startup

Vent Gas Specifications:

  • Max. flow rate (SCFM)