Drizgas H2S Scrubber

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Caustic scrubbing is a technology that has been used for the removal of H2S from exhaust gases in different industries for many years. Improvements in design and control strategies, favorable prices for caustic compared with other non-regenerable H2S scavenging chemicals, and the potential for sales value for the NaHS (sodium bisulfide) product have made caustic scrubbing an economic and viable option for some refinery streams.

The scrubbing of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) using sodium hydroxide (NaOH) solution is an established technology and has been applied in a variety of industries.

  • Efficiency up to 99 %

  • Spray nozzles accessible from top of unit

  • Entrainment separators prevent liquid carryover

  • Special multi-bed packing designs accommodate different scrubbing solutions for removal of multiple contaminants

  • High efficiency Tellerette®Tower Packing removes soluble/reactive gases, solid particulate and liquid droplets down to 7 microns

H2S Specifications:

  • Min. flow rate (SCFM)

  • Max. flow rate (SCFM)