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Incinerator Emission Scrubber
Drizgas’s industrial waste incinerator scrubbers can handle the most challenging emissions requirements –sub-micron particulate, heavy metals, and acid gases. Drizgas industrial waste scrubbers are custom designed to meet specific emissions requirements for new and existing sources at the lowest operating cost. Depending on the application, the appropriate Drizgas industrial waste scrubber will include one or more of the following components: quencher, condenser/absorber, Venturi scrubber, entrainment separator, and wet electrostatic precipitator. Drizgas industrial waste incinerator scrubbers remove greater than 99% of the particulate matter in process gas streams at low-pressure drops. Drizgas’s wet scrubbing technology has the highest removal efficiency for acid gases. Rapid quenching prevents the formation of dioxins and furans. Sub-cooling removes mercury, cadmium, and lead at high efficiencies without additional chemicals and suppresses plume formation.
  • Incinerator Emission Scrubber requires the lowest capital investment

  • Operating costs are minimized through neutralization of corrosive flue gases, efficient use of chemicals, and low pressure drop

  • Highest removal efficiency