Reciprocating Gas Compressor JGR/4

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The JGR is a medium-sized separable reciprocating compressor. Well suited for gas gathering on moderate size wells, the JGR is packager-friendly, pairing easily with electric motors and natural gas engines.

  • Full Pressure Lubrication: A frame-driven lube oil pump provides cooled oil through a full-flow oil filter to all moving parts in the frame. A divider-block system supplies metered oil to cylinder bores and rod packings.

  • High-Strength Bolting: Durable Grade 8 bolting on all loaded joints combined with specially designed fatigue-fighting bolts on all valve caps ensure ultimate holding strength.

  • Rigid Connecting Rods: The JG/JGA compressors feature durable connecting rods manufactured from forged steel with 4 bolts and a heavy-duty “I” section.

  • Rugged Crossheads: One-piece, long-life crossheads with hardened, ground steel crosshead pins and direct, full-pressure lubrication at the top and bottom for minimum wear.

  • Innovative Cylinders: Ariel’s single and double-acting non-cooled cylinders eliminate the cost and maintenance associated with water cooling.

JGR/4 Specifications:

  • Power (kW)
  • Stroke (mm)
  • Max Speed (rpm)
  • Piston speed (FPM)
  • Rod diameter (mm)
  • length (in)
  • Width (in)
  • Max. rod load (kN)
  • Number of throws
Ariel Corporation

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