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Vira Compact On-Off Level Control System SK-T 2400

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An On-Off signal for level control is the most common method of level controlling which is simply to start the feed pump at the low level and let it run until the high water level is reached within the boiler drum.

The SK-T-2400 Level Controller operates on the conductivity principle for controlling the level in conductive liquids. The Level Controller with Probes are suitable for use with different qualities of liquids such as water, condensate, and boiler water. On-Off Level Control Systems can be used in water with an electrical conductivity as low as 10 μS/cm at 25 ˚C.

With On-Off Level Control System, Level Probes detects the water level of the boiler and therefore, the integrated level controller starts or stops the feedwater pump. Besides, two alarm relay outputs can be provided.

  • Boiler Water Level Control

  • Make Up Water Control

  • High Level Alarm

  • Low Level Alarm

  • Burner Shut Off

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