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XSW is the HiRef range of water-cooled chillers with HiRef scroll compressors. The numerous refrigerating configurations, together with the specific construction choices, make XSW units suitable for a wide range of plant engineering requirements; redundancy, efficiency at partial loads, compactness to exploit limited space in technical rooms, low noise levels, auxiliary unit control, easy installation. The XSW range also adopts the multiscroll solution (also on a single circuits), electronically controlled expansion valves, plate heat exchangers and the ability to control the (external) circulation pumps via dedicated software: all these characteristics allow achievement of high energy efficiency at partial loads. MAIN ADVANTAGES Scroll compressors, which are the main noise source in the unit, are fitted on rubber vibration damper feet therefore reducing transmitted impact noise on systems parts. On request, the compressor compartment can be lined with special soundabsorbing material and the compressors wrapped in special insulating hoods to reduce airborne noise emissions. Compact plate heat exchangers facing the right side panel of the unit maximise use of the available interior space and thus reduces footprint of the unit. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Scroll compressors Configurations available for the refrigerating circuit: -EFFICIENCY PACK 1: dual compressor on dual circuit for high system redundancy. -EFFICIENCY PACK 2: dual compressor (tandem) on single circuit for greater efficiency at partial loads. -EFFICIENCY PACK 3: 3 compressors on single circuit for greater efficiency at partial loads. -EFFICIENCY PACK 4: 4 compressors (dual tandem) on dual circuit, for an efficient redundant system at low loads. -Two refrigerating circuits with five or six Scroll compressors for capacities above 547 kW. Electronically controlled expansion valves as standard Braze-welded stainless steel plate heat exchangers Easy connection via Victaulic type couplings Partial heat recovery (desuperheater) optional Software function to control two 3-way valves in native mode to exploit the free-cooling supplied by the geothermal source Second set point, on utility side, able to be activated from external input
  • Electronically controlled expansion valves

  • Configurable refrigerating circuit

  • Multi-scroll solution

  • Can be connected to Polymorph hydronic modules

  • Cooling-only chiller with Dry Cooler/cooling tower water source

Hiref Water condensed liquid chillers with Scroll compressors XSW Specifications:

  • Min Cooling capacity (kW)

  • Max Cooling capacity (kW)


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