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Single Phase Motors are equipped with starting and/or operating capacitors, or are supplied with a Steinmetz circuit as an economic solution for simple requirements. The motors are developed and produced at NORD's own production facilities and are available as Single Phase Motors with operating capacitors, as Single Phase Motors with operating and starting capacitors and as Single Phase Motors with a Steinmetz circuit. In addition, we also supply the following options for NORD Single Phase Motors:

Brake (BRE+), Double brake (DBR+), External fan (F), Incremental encoder (IG)

Motor protection: Temperature sensor (TF), Temperature monitor (TW), Standstill heater (SH)

Single Phase Motors Specifications:

  • Efficiency classes
  • Approvals
    Global approvals and acceptances
  • Max. Power (kW)
  • MIN. power (Kw)

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