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Mist elimination, or the removal of entrained liquid droplets from a vapor stream, is one of the most commonly encountered processes regardless of unit operation. Droplets are removed from a vapor stream through a series of three stages: collision & adherence to a target, coalescence into larger droplets, and drainage from the impingement element. WIN - Mesh Type Mist Eliminators consist of a pad of knitted wire mesh usually sandwiched between grids for mechanical support. Except for units less than about 600mm diameter, they are normally split into sections of between 300 to 400 mm wide to facilitate installation through a vessel man way. The pads are cut slightly oversize to ensure a snug fit and thus eliminate any possible vapor by-pass either between sections or between pad and vessel wall. Each mesh pad is formed from crimped layers of knitted fabric with the direction of the crimp rotated 90o in each adjacent layer to provide a uniform voidage together with a high ratio of filament surface per unit volume of pad.
  • Dirty Service where fouling is an issue

  • Effective separation of vapor and liquid

  • Low pressure drop

Munters DS Specifications:

  • Specific surface (m2 /m3)

  • Void fraction (%)

  • Weight (kg/m³)