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Munters V-CA mist eliminator

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WIN-Vane® Mist Eliminators are made of curved parallel plates with special characteristics related to the particular service to collect and drain the separated liquid. This construction requires less maintenance due to the robust design. It is suitable for a wide range of services such as separators and compressor suction scrubbers with lower pressure loss along with high liquid loads. The ”V-C / V-CA” are plain, non-pocketed styles designed for larger droplet removal from vapor in normal, fouling applications with either vertical or horizontal gas flow. The ”V-D / V-DA” are designed for droplet removal from vapor flowing horizontally. In this configuration, the vanes are fitted with hooks to trap and drain the collected liquid. WIN-Vane® Mist Eliminators are fabricated in sections sized to fit through vessel manholes. Special Construction For Fine Mist Removal with High Liquid Loading Removal of smaller droplets can be achieved using a two-stage Mist Eliminator by fitting a mesh pad to the upstream face of the unit to coalesce droplets as small as 1 to 2 microns into droplets in the size range which are easily removed by the WIN–Vane® Mist Eliminator. The Mist Eliminators are manufactured under strict conformance and quality control guidelines. They are designed to provide optimum performance in a variety of process applications.
  • Effective separation of vapor and liquid

  • High efficiency

  • Low pressure drop