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Weatherford Sure-Seal 3™ Float Equipment

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Our comprehensive selection of float equipment―including float shoes and float collars―facilitate proper cementing for any well environment from unconventional to deepwater. These field-proven tools deliver a secure primary cement job and reduce the chances of remedial operations. And should our extensive portfolio fall outside of your operating needs, our engineers can custom-build float equipment for any need. The Sure-Seal 3 float equipment, an integral part of the WiperLok system, incorporates a PDC drillable, spring-loaded, phenolic plunger valve. Special design uses fluid hydraulics to draw plunger firmly into retainer cup, minimizing spring fatigue and reducing plunger contact with the side wall. This results in less erosion damage from high velocity flow.

  • Drillability of plugs and float equipment is easy and fast with either conventional rotary bits or PDC bits

  • WiperLok system provides a proven anti-rotational mechanism and is available in both standard as well as Sub-Surface Release plugs (SSR™ Plugs ).

  • Withstands long periods of circulation with highly abrasive fluids

  • Top and bottom plugs rated to 80% of burst pressure for most standard weight and grade casing

  • Polyurethane plug material is resistant to wear, making it ideal for long casing strings

Weatherford Sure-Seal 3™ Float Equipment Specifications:

  • Min size (in)