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Eneroil Offshore Guide Shoe

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Eneroil manufactured Casing Guide Shoes are attached to the lowermost end of the casing string to provide a low-cost method of enabling the casing to pass ledges or obstructions in the well-bore, which aids bit re-entry. The cement guide shoe may be used in combination with any type of collar. It efficiently guides casing past sidewall irregularities. It has the ability to circulate through down-jets/center of the shoe while running in the hole. This provides a means of washing casing/liner to seat if required.

  • Orifice is sufficiently large as to allow tripping balls, tubes and debris to exit the casing without obstruction

  • Rounded nose assists while running casing in hole

  • Load bearing capability for setting at bottom

  • PDC drillable

Eneroil Guide Shoe Specifications:

  • Max size (in)

  • Min size (in)