Geared Motors SIMOGEAR Helical Worm

Helical worm geared motors are offered in 2 stage version. The mounting offering includes solid and hollow shafts. They are energy efficient and usually chosen when demand for drives with angular geared motors. Due to worm gear stage, high ratios can be implemented. SIMOGEAR helical worm geared motors represent the cost-effective solution for angular geared motors in the lower torque range. They achieve extremely low noise and are used by example in waste water system and as drives in theaters.

  • Can be used even in narrow construction space

  • High range of transmission ratios (plug-on pinion)

  • High power density

SIMOGEAR Helical Worm Specifications:

  • minimum radial force (N)
  • Maximum Torque (Nm)
  • Minimum Torque (Nm)

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