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FLENDER LBK® connecting rod couplings have a split spacer and can be connected to the gear unit ultra-compactly. Radially arranged rubber elements create two hinge joints, which also make it possible to replace the elastic elements radially beneath the vehicle.

FLENDER LBK connecting rod couplings are driven using self-centering cyclo-palloid gear teeth in the “axle connection” version and flanged to the drive wheel in the “wheel connection” version.

Additionally, we offer the compact LBKZ series. In this case, one half of the coupling is a gear coupling which is integrated into the gear unit.

  • Optionally available integrated into the gearbox hollow shaft

  • Extensive service

  • Parts are 100% trackable

  • Delivery possible as an assembly with FLENDER rail couplings

  • Compact connection to the gear unit is possible

LBK link Specifications:

  • Temperature range (C)
    –30 °C to +60 °C
  • Nominal torque range (Nm)
    5,731 Nm
  • Maximum Temperature (C)
  • Minimum Temperature (C)


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