coupling MBG membrane

FLENDER MBG® membrane couplings are two-part, torsionally rigid all-steel couplings with excellent concentricity and outstanding balance quality because they are balanced together with the motor rotor. The concentricity and balance quality are permanently retained thanks to the optimum centering of the gear teeth on the two coupling halves.

Their membrane contour gives them axial yield. The screw fitting makes it possible to detach or connect the motor and gear unit simply without loosening the interference fits. FLENDER MBG couplings are maintenance-free and used to transmit torques and support the motor shaft in the gear unit.

  • High concentricity

  • Excellent balance quality

  • Maintenance-free

  • Optionally available with an electrically insulating design

  • Optionally available with sliding hub and/or engine speed sensor toothing

MBG membrane Specifications:

  • Nominal torque range (Nm)
    9,500 Nm
  • Maximum Temperature (C)
  • Minimum Temperature (C)


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