Industrial steam turbine DG040/040

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MAN is one of the leading suppliers of industrial steam turbines worldwide with a comprehensive range of products and services. The man steam turbine is characterized by a variety of design features for an optimized turbine configuration to meet the process conditions of customer needs. The modular design concept optimizes the delivery time and costs to a minimum. Proven steam turbine modules with a long reference history, that have demonstrated the highest level of reliability in operation, constitute a fundamental element of the design. Steam turbines made by MAN Diesel & Turbo are designed according to the latest standards such as API 612, SIL, ATEX, IC, ASME, etc. The operational high efficiency minimizes the CO2 emissions as well as operating costs. The MAN steam turbine can also be designed with controlled and uncontrolled extractions as well as admissions to operate and control the client’s steam networks using defined steam parameters. The turbine can be connected with an air-cooled condenser or a water-cooled condenser. MAN mechanical drive steam turbines are fabricated within MAN Diesel & Turbo’s international manufacturing network.

  • Full system integration with steam turbine, condenser, control unit for improved efficiency

  • Highest efficiency based on optimized turbine design

  • Welded or bolted steam inlet casing with hydraulic operated control valves and hydraulic operated trip valve with integrated steam strainer

  • Rotor forged from one piece

DG040/040 Specifications:

  • Speed (RPM)
  • Power (MW)
  • Inlet pressure (bar)
  • Inlet temperature (°C)
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