IBC Solar MONOSOL 345 CS9-HC 2003800027

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A PV module uses semiconductor material, similar to computer chips, to transform sunlight into direct current. This process does not use any moving parts and works even in areas with limited sunshine hours. The generated direct current is then transformed into alternating current via a so called inverter. The AC power can either be consumed on site, stored with a battery or fed back into the power grid.

  • Greater security thanks to over 38 years of experience in photovoltaic solutions

  • Reliable performance through better product and service warranties

  • Maximum yields and reliability through German-engineered quality

  • Local Expertise through IBC SOLAR Premium Partners

IBC MONOSOL 345 CS9-HC 2003800027 Specifications:

  • Efficiency (%)

  • length (in)

  • Width (in)

  • Height (in)

  • Maximum Power Point (Pmax) (W)