Saanvika Storage Tank SC-ST-001

Storage Tank used for store the oil, gas, water and petroleum products, etc, besides these the storage tank is used for processing, mixing and transport of raw materials as well as for finished chemical products. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of customized Storage Tank in Thane, Mumbai, Maharashtra/Gujarat/ all over India.

We are manufacturing the tank in various sizes and shapes depending on the requirements of the client or end-user. We are manufacturing underground tank, vertical tank, horizontal tanks and the tank’s material of construction is stainless steel, Carbon Steel, Low-Temperature Carbon Steel, Mild steel, Duplex Steel and Alloy Steel. We are highly recommending to our client and industry for the use of stainless steel tanks, which is low maintenance, High Durability, long-lasting, leak-proof, Superb finishing, Non-corrosive, easily withstand various temperature fluctuations, High accuracy, and cost-effective.

Saanvika Corporation

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