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Evolution oil tools SB-2 ANCHOR CATCHER 7.625

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This rugged “SB2” Tubing Anchor Catcher is proven, efficient, and reliable in years of field service, and can help provide more oil pumping stroke with less maintenance. The “SB-2” Tubing Anchor Catcher prevents vertical tubing movement and improves pump efficiency during the pumping cycle. Reduces down time by eliminating cyclic stress and wear on both rods and tubing. When normal release is not possible, emergency releasing at pre selected loads with an upward pull is provided by a selective shear pin.

  • Designed to run in wells with progressive cavity pump-screw pumps (PCP).

  • Anchors tubing so appropriate tension may be applied for the PCP application

  • Catches tubing if parting occurs.

  • Provides No-Turn feature for the PCP operation while maximizing pump efficiency

Anchor catcher SB-2 7.625 Specifications:

  • Max size (in)

  • Min size (in)

  • O.D. (in)

  • Max. Casing weight range (lb/ft)

  • Min. Casing weight range (lb/ft)

  • Anchor O.D. (in)

  • I.D. (in)