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Evolution oil tools SC-1 ANCHOR CATCHER 7 type 3

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The “SC-1” Anchor Catcher is a retrievable double grip tubing anchor designed to anchor the tubing string in tension or compression. When installed with the proper amount of tubing string in tension, this anchor prevents movement of the tubing string during rod pumping operations. This results in more oil production per pump stroke and in turn extends the life of the pump, rods and tubing and decreases the pumping costs.

  • This anchor catcher incorporates an emergency shear release system which is easily adjustable in the field

  • Unless otherwise specified, anchors are furnished with a total of 22,000 daN (50,000 lbs) secondary release shears.

  • The “SC-1” Anchor utilizes drag blocks backed up by Inconel Leaf Springs which results in more positive drag,

Anchor catcher SC-1 7 type 3 Specifications:

  • Max size (in)

  • Min size (in)

  • O.D. (in)

  • Max. Casing weight range (lb/ft)

  • Min. Casing weight range (lb/ft)

  • Anchor I.D. (in)

  • Anchor O.D. (in)

  • I.D. (in)