HEIL Series 730 Vertical Countercurrent Scrubber

Heil Engineered Process Equipment Inc.

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The HEIL Series 730 Vertical Countercurrent Scrubber is designed specifically for the efficient removal of corrosive, noxious and/or nuisance gases from the process or ventilation air streams. The air stream entering the scrubber is first contacted by the scrubbing solution as it drains from the packed bed to the integral sump below. A spray header located above the packing properly distributes the scrubbing solution across the top of the packing. HEIL Series 730 Vertical Countercurrent Scrubbers are suited for a wide variety of applications in industries such as chemical, pulp and paper, steel and metal finishing, fertilizer, and pharmaceuticals.

  • High efficiency

  • Effective for the removal of corrosive and or noxious fumes and mists (5-7 microns and larger) from a gas stream

  • Irrigation rate and chemical feed can result in efficiencies of 99% or better

  • Low operation cost

  • Extended service life