HEIL Series 760 Horizontal Crossflow Scrubber

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The HEIL Series 760 Horizontal Crossflow Scrubber is a versatile unit, specifically designed to remove mists, gases, and particulates. The gas stream enters the scrubber horizontally, perpendicular to the packed bed. A spray header located at the inlet initiates the gas/liquid contact and provides irrigation at the front of the packed bed. Additional spray headers located at the top of the bed provide complete irrigation and wetting. As the gas passes through the packing, entrained mists and particulates impinge on both the packing and liquid droplets and are rinsed from the bed. Simultaneously, soluble gas contaminants, such as HCL, H₂S, CL₂, are absorbed. The type of gas and the desired removal efficiency determine the bed depth, irrigation rate, and chemical requirement.

  • High efficiency

  • Compact design

  • Versatile and Non-clogging

  • Low operating cost

  • Extended service life