HEIL Series 720 Venturi Scrubber

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HEIL Series 720 Venturi Scrubbers are designed to efficiently remove fumes, dust, solids, and aerosols as small as 0.1 microns. The scrubbing liquid, most commonly water, comes into contact with the particulate laden gas stream in a highly turbulent, high-velocity venturi throat. As the droplets and particulate matter interact, they begin to agglomerate in the diverging or evase section of the venturi. HEIL Series 720 Venturi Scrubbers have proven performance records for fume and dust control in the fertilizer industry for the general ventilation of specific processes, foundries, chemical plants, pulp and paper, food and food processing smelting, frit and glass, dyestuff, aluminizing processing, galvanizing, and chemical waste incinerators.

  • Proven performance

  • Low maintenance costs

  • High efficiency

  • Low initial cost

  • Extended service life