HEIL Series 740 Sieve Tray Scrubber

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The HEIL 740 Sieve Tray Scrubbers are designed to effectively remove corrosive, noxious and /or nuisance gases, mists, and particulate from the process or ventilation air streams. Although similar to the countercurrent packed bed scrubber (Series 730) in outward appearance and applicability, the Series 740 Sieve Tray Scrubber utilizes perforated plate trays instead of packing to enhance the gas/liquid contact. HEIL Series 740 Sieve Tray Scrubbers, generally, can be specified and used instead of conventional packed towers for any gas absorption application.

  • High efficiency

  • Low initial cost

  • Low operating cost

  • Designed to handle a wide variety of applications

  • Extended service life