Expander with cryogenic compressor and oil brake


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Cryostar has a unique experience in the design of these TFC, with the first unit built in 1991 and more than 50 TFC in operation sold to the major gas companies.

  • Turbo expander with cryogenic compressor and variable oil brake mounted on a common shaft.

  • The “cartridge” design of the rotor assembly allows access to the rotating element without re- moving the expander casing and its cold box extension.

  • For easy maintenance, a spare “plug-in unit” (expander without casings) allows customer to change all internal parts within a minimum of time and with maximum reliability.

  • Diffuser design allows low radial loads at all operating flows.

  • Variable oil brake is used to adjust the cold production

TFC200 Specifications:

  • Max. Power (kW)

  • Series

  • Min. Power (kW)

  • Max. Expander Inlet Flow (m3/h)

  • Max. Wheel range Ø (mm)