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R&D Dynamics designs, develops and manufactures a complete range of high speed oil-free foil air/gas bearing supported turboexpanders.Turboexpanders are essential components in air separation, oil and gas exploration, and cryogenic refrigeration systems. R&D Dynamics’ proprietary TurboEx® design provides high reliability, high efficiency and completely oil-free operation. TurboEx® turboexpanders range in size from 1 to 400 kW with flows from 200 to 80,000 lbs/hr, and are designed to work with many different gas types. Whether you are designing a new system, or retrofitting an existing system, a TurboEx® turboexpander will improve reliability and reduce maintenance downtime.

  • Clean, Dry, Completely Oil Free Process Gas

  • Long Service Life

  • High Efficiency

  • High Reliability

  • Low Operating Cost

TurboEx® 127 Specifications:

  • Max. Power (kW)

  • Series

  • Min. Power (kW)


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