Pressure Gauge 100mm

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This high quality 100mm pressure dial pressure gauge uses bourdon tube technology to measure pressure, typically up to 1000 Bar.

The robust stainless steel gauge is suitable for a wide range of applications in the general process industry.

All gauges are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the EN837-1 European standard.

For applications where you may have vibration we would recommend the optional liquid filling.

Accuracy (EN 837-1): Class 1.0 (+/- 1% FSD)

Case: 304 stainless steel with blowout and vent

Connection & Tube: 316 stainless steel

Case Protection: IP 65

Process Connection: Bottom G ½ B (½” BSP)

Window: Laminated safety glass

Dial: Aluminum, black figures, white background

Unit of Scale: PSI & Bar

Pointer: Aluminum, black

  • 100mm (4 inch) Dial

  • Accuracy Class 1.0 (EN837-1)

  • 316SS Wetted Parts

  • -1 bar to 1000 Bar Ranges

  • All Stainless Steel Construction

100mm Specifications:

  • ​Min Pressure (bar)

  • Max. Pressure (bar)

  • Material

  • Accuracy (%)

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