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The problem

24V DC Cross-connections have been identified by industry stakeholders as being a significant threat to the redundancy of Dynamically Positioned Vessels.

With the advent of high-reliability power supplies and electronic circuit protection devices, the risk of faults propagating through a DC cross-connection has decreased significantly. How can vessel owners provide assurance to clients and stakeholders that the risk has been sufficiently mitigated through equipment selection and design?

The Solution

OneStep Power has developed the DC Cross-connections Short Circuit Under Test, or DCShortCUT. OneStep Power’s DCshortCUT validates 24V DC cross-connection fault tolerance aboard dynamically positioned vessels.

Currently, OneStep Power is the only provider offering comprehensive cross-connection testing in a single test package.

The DCShortCUT provides a safe and reliable method for performing testing, which can be repeated on a regular basis.

  • Rapid and Repeatable testing

  • Wide range of failure modes tested

  • Up to 4 cross-connected power supplies may be tested simultaneously

  • Safe testing without changing protections

  • Integrated data aquisition for rapid test review

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