Safety Laser Scanner UAM-05LP-T301

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Up to 5 meters of protection zone and 20 meters of warning zone configuration to suit various application requirement.

Maximum 4 units of UAM can be interconnected for Master-Slave operation when multiple units are required to guard the hazardous area. The system can be controlled by connecting the input and output signals to Master unit only. Important Note: It is not possible to control the actuators via master-slave bus communication.

UAM can simultaneously protect two hazardous areas. Separate OSSD signals are triggered for the respective protection zones making it possible to guard two machines with a single UAM.

  • World`s smallest Safety Laser Scanner

  • Protection zone of 5m over 270°

  • Data Output via Ethernet

  • Master-Slave Function

  • Encoder Input

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Hokuyo Automatic Co. Ltd