Bionomic Series 5500 Crossflow Scrubber

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The Series 5500 Crossflow Scrubber's low profile lends itself to applications where there is a height restriction or esthetic concern such as indoors or building rooftops and the contaminant to remove is a toxic fume, gaseous pollutant, mist, or odor that requires a chemical reagent scrubbing solution. This horizontal packed bed scrubber utilizes a crossflow contact pattern between the gas and scrubbing solution. The extremely successful Bionomic Series 5500 incorporates a proprietary top and bottom gas mixing system and positive sealing of the packed bed top to eliminate bypass of untreated gas, a typical problem with other crossflow scrubber designs, to achieve the highest removal efficiency possible. A variety of available packing styles ranging from our low-pressure drop extremely efficient Hi-Flow dumped packing to high surface area filament media for specialized applications makes this scrubber an extremely adaptable device.

  • High contaminant removal Efficiency

  • Uses for all industries when a low profile horizontal scrubber configuration is needed due to layout or height restrictions to remove water soluble gaseous contaminants including acid gases, ammonia, alkaline mists and more

Series 5500 Specifications:

  • Min. flow rate (SCFM)

  • Max. flow rate (SCFM)