Bionomic RotaBed® Fluidized Bed Scrubber

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The patented RotaBed® Fluidized Bed Scrubber represents a major breakthrough in ultra-high efficiency gas absorption and particulate collection in a space-saving non-fouling design. RotaBed is the ideal technology for applications involving particulate laden gas streams or when handling high solids content or scale forming scrubbing liquids. The key to the RotaBed's superior performance is a unique swirl-induced Coriolis grid that achieves much greater fluidized bed stability resulting in more efficient gas mixing and transfer efficiency than less advanced designs. This unique approach to gas-liquid fluidization is accomplished without the need for marbles or plastic spheres that are prone to fouling or replacement due to wear. RotaBed's "packless", highly plug-resistant grid cross-section is up to 99% open in the fluid contact scrubbing zone.

  • Superior performance

  • More efficient gas mixing and transfer efficiency then less advanced designs

  • High contaminant removal efficiency

  • Typical applications include gaseous and particulate contaminant removal from processing operations in the chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp & paper, semiconductor, fertilizer, minerals, petroleum, and food industries

RotaBed® Specifications:

  • Min. flow rate (SCFM)

  • Max. flow rate (SCFM)