Bionomic RotaBed® Fluidized Bed Scrubber

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The highly advanced Bionomic Forced Condensation Scrubbing System (BFCS) uses the principles of nature’s rain and particle growth mechanism to achieve dramatic improvements in the collection of submicron particulate over conventional hot gas wet cleaning systems. In addition, secondary acid gas pollutants are also easily removed with the BFCS Technology. Substantial energy savings combined with high collection efficiency is the cornerstone of the BFCS technology when encountering gas stream pollutants with 10% of the particle size distribution below 0.5 microns aerodynamic diameter.

  • Typical favorable applications for BFCS includes; removal of pollutants from hazardous and medical waste incinerators, boilers, calciners, kilns, roasters, furnaces, syngas reformers/gasifiers and other sources that emit submicron particulate

  • It is most often applied to sources that provide saturation temperatures of over 150º F, but can also be applied to lower temperature applications using steam in lieu of water to generate the necessary condensate