Bionomic Dry Scrubber Systems

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Bionomic Industries Inc.

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Bionomic Dri-Scrub™ Dry and Wet/Dry Combination Scrubber Systems are available for gas flow from 160 to 75,000 acfm, provide particulate collection efficiencies between 98 and 99.9%, and are normally used for scrubbing gas streams with fine particulate that can contain acid gases, mercury, or NOx. Dry systems utilize a dry venturi scrubber for rapid mixing of the containment gas with hydrated lime or sodium bicarbonate reagents with or without carbon and are followed by a pulse jet fabric filter collector to capture solid particles – totally eliminating water and wastewater treatment or pollution. Dry/Wet systems utilize a pulse jet fabric filter for solid particulate capture, followed by a RotaBed® or packed tower scrubber for gas absorption. The system offers superior solid particulate collection and higher gas absorption efficiencies with less energy usage than wet scrubbers.

  • Also available in dry/wet combination system

  • For higher temperature services, ceramic filters are available including catalyst impregnated elements for NOx control

  • Typical applications include Scrubbing of fine particulates and acid gases emitted from incinerators, furnaces and boilers, NOx control, mercury removal