IHI CNT-6000EN emergency gas turbine

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"Safety and trust that connects to the future"

Niigata's CNT series gas turbine is a high-performance purely domestic gas turbine developed in-house by combining many years of element design and manufacturing technology.

With the sophistication of urban functions, power consumption in facilities related to daily life such as office buildings, hospitals, public facilities, and data centers is increasing, and crisis management in case of a power outage is an important issue for the safety of people and the city. It has become.

To meet this challenge, Niigata will support urban functions and provide "safety and security" to people and society by providing highly reliable emergency gas turbine power generators that operate reliably in emergencies.

  • Achieves high output and low fuel consumption while being compact.

  • We promise a stable power supply even in an emergency and provide our customers with peace of mind.

  • Since this product can use both liquid fuel and gas fuel, it is possible to supply a more stable power source.

CNT-6000EN Specifications:

  • Frequency (Hz)

  • Generator Voltage (kV)

  • Type

  • No. of poles

  • Series

  • Rated power (KVA)