completion oil tools MECH-PAC I MECHANICAL SET PRODUCTION PACKER CT95301 size:7.625

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MECH-PAC I, Mechanical Set Production Packer is a high performance Full Bore Single String Retrievable Packer. It is specifically designed to perform reliably in high pressure fracturing and production applications. It is compression set and can be landed in compression, tension, or a neutral condition. It is available reliable performance in a retrievable packer under combined conditions of 350°F and 10,000 psi differential above or below the packer.

  • Double-Jay Mechanism- Independent lower and upper Jay Assemblies contributing to short, compact design.

  • Easy to Operate- Ease of operation - 1/4 turn to right to set, 1/4 turn to right to release.

  • Advanced sealing-High performance three-piece element system for high pressure sealing and pressure reversal loads.

  • Tubing can be landed in tension, compression or neutral.

  • Full opening ID for stimulation and thru-tubing perforating.

CT95301 size:7.625 Specifications:

  • Max size (in)

  • Min size (in)

  • Casing size (in)

  • Connections

    2-7/8” EU8Rd
  • Max. Casing weight range (lb/ft)

  • Min. Casing weight range (lb/ft)

  • Casing I.D. (in.)

  • Packer I.D. (in.)