completion oil tools MECH-PAC VI COMPRESSION SET MECHANICAL PACKER CT95306 size: 11.75

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MECH-PAC VI Compression Set Mechanical Retrievable Casing Packer is a compact, economical set-down packer that can be used by itself for production applications or, with a companion un loader and hold-down, it can be used for well stimulation, testing and other pressuring operations and then left in the well as a production packer.

  • Low Cost- Due to its Short & Compact Design it is economical to buy & maintain the packer.

  • Simple Construction- Compression Set Packer is constructed with minimum number of parts thus it is easy to redress.

  • Ease of Operation- The Simple & Reliable J to J Mechanism makes its Setting & UnSetting very easy

  • Packing Element System- Rigid Packing Element system is used which is capable to work in temperatures up to 250° F with 80 DURO Hardness

CT95306 size: 11.75 Specifications:

  • Max size (in)

  • Min size (in)

  • Casing size (in)

  • Connections

    4-1/2 OD 8 Rd Short Casing
  • Max. Casing weight range (lb/ft)

  • Min. Casing weight range (lb/ft)

  • Casing I.D. (in.)

  • Packer O.D. (in.)

  • Packer I.D. (in.)